Alabama mother blames 9-year-old daughter’s suicide on bullying

Demopolis, Ala. — An Alabama mother says bullying led her 9-year-old daughter to commit suicide, CBS Birmingham affiliate WIAT reports. “She told me that this one particular child was writing her nasty notes in class,” said the mother, Jasmine Adams. “It was just things you wouldn’t think a 9-year-old should know. And my baby, to tell me […]

Birmingham 9 year old girl kills self after school bullying and ADHD medicine

How medication for ADHD may have led to Madison Whitsett- a 9 year old Birmingham, Alabama girl committing suicide after bullying at school. The family of a nine year old Birmingham, Alabama girl who took her own life are blaming bullying at school for their daughter’s suicide death. Madison ‘Maddie’ Whitsett died on Monday after the student ‘intentionally’ hanged herself in her bedroom closet. cited Madison’s […]

Denver 9-year-old boy commits suicide days after coming out as gay

DENVER, Colorado — A Colorado boy took his own life the first week of school, and his mom says bullying is to blame. Nine-year-old Jamel Myles committed suicide just days after telling classmates he was gay. Leia Pierce says bullying was a factor in the death of her son, who started fourth grade at Joe […]

Mother mourns the death of daughter gone to suicide after being bullied

“It’s her glasses. It’s her braces. It’s she’s shaped funny, her shoes, her clothes,” said Perkins. Author: Mike McDaniel / Eyewitness News (WWL) Published: 10:56 PM CST November 18, 2021 Updated: 11:09 PM CST November 18, 2021 NEW ORLEANS — Antoinette Perkins wants to be the voice she says her 13-year-old daughter, Tierra James, never […]

Tennessee parents grieve 12-year-old son bullied before suicide

SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Bedford County community is pleading for bullying to stop after a 12-year-old boy took his own life Sunday. Eli Fritchley was a seventh-grader at Cascades Middle school where he played the trombone in the marching band. His parents describe him as a peaceful soul who wasn’t afraid to be himself. […]

US mum speaks out after bullied 10-year-old girl dies by suicide

When her 10-year-old daughter tried spraying air freshener on herself before school one morning, Brittany Tichenor-Cox suspected something was wrong with the sweet little girl whose beaming smile had gone dormant after she started the fifth grade.She coaxed out of Isabella “Izzy” Tichenor that a boy in her class told her she stank after their […]

Video shows ‘bullying’ incident days before 8-year-old took his life

CNN) On Mother’s Day, Cornelia Reynolds will remember her “only child, my best friend and my first true love.” Security footage shows her 8-year-old son, Gabriel Taye, falling unconscious at a Cincinnati school in an incident that may have led to the boy’s suicide two days later, an attorney for his family said.Gabriel was found […]

13-year-old girl who committed suicide was victim of bullying, family says

CALIMESA, Calif. — A vigil was planned Friday night at Mesa View Middle School in Calimesa, where the parents of a 13-year old girl say she was bullied so badly, she eventually took her own life. Charlene Avila and her husband, along with the rest of the family, are saying goodbye to their daughter, Rosalie. […]